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Puzzling out term project requirements to write a 10 page research paper

When you are writing a term paper project you need to begin by sorting out the requirements. If you are writing a ten page research paper you should bear in mind the following rules:

Your introduction and conclusion should each represent about ten percent of the total length requirement. This means they should each account for one page. Your body should account for the remaining eight pages.

Verify whether the ten pages include the cover page and the reference or citation page or not. You do not want to end up with a bad grade because of a misunderstanding.

Then you need to select a topic that you can cover in that amount of space. The topics below are helpful possibilities that you might use for your ten page research paper.

  • Consider the idea presented by Thomas Paine that the things we come by too easily we will value too lightly and that the things we have to struggle to attain are the things that we will give value to. That in mind write about whether we only value the things that are a struggle. Plan out a response and write your personal views on this issue. You can incorporate examples from texts or personal examples to support your position. You can even use examples from other subjects or your observations.
  • Consider the idea that if people (or students in many cases) are afraid to reveal how little they actually know then they will not be able to learn. In order for people to progress they have to admit how much they know or do not know. This admission of ignorance does not come easily. Write about whether your educational system encourages students to admit when they don’t know something or whether there is too much pressure on students to demonstrate that they recall everything they were taught. Write an essay using your personal observation or knowledge of other subjects or texts as support.
  • Consider the quote by C.E. Ayers that a small inaccuracy can save the world a lot of explaining. Then analyze whether it is necessary to tell the truth all the time or whether there are circumstances wherein a lie is better. Plan out a response to this and write an essay using your personal knowledge and experience as well as any supporting text to support whether you agree or disagree.

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Make sure you always follow the specific finalizing instructions from your teacher, because they will be marking your research paper and looking for those things.

Don’t rely completely on your word processor’s spell check, because it won’t catch everything. Print your research paper if you can, and give it a good old fashioned proofread.

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