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Macroeconomics Term Paper Ideas: 20 Topics Worth Writing On

Think big when you think macroeconomics. It is the part of the study that deals with big monetary factors and topics. Some areas might be national or international concerns and productivity. If your teacher assigns you a paper, use our topic list:


  1. 1. Russia’s Economy and Putin-how much does the Russian leader impact the economy and why
  2. 2. The Failing American Dollar-myth or truth?
  3. 3. What is Devaluation-define and name times it has had a great impact in the United States
  4. 4. The Great Depression-why and can it happen again? What were the factors, the predictors, ad the consequences of the Great Depression?
  5. 5. Outsourcing American Jobs-what does this do to economy?
  6. 6. Controlling Inflation/Predicting Inflation-is either of these scenarios possible?
  7. 7. The Negatives and Benefits of Aiding Third World Country-should the money stay at home?
  8. 8. What is the Natural Rate of Unemployment-a definition essay
  9. 9. New and Developing Economies-define and pinpoint them
  10. 10. Tax Increases for the Upper 10%-how and why?
  11. 11. Explore the Lawson Boom-in the 1980s this occurred, investigate it
  12. 12. Bad Economic Policies-discuss three to five bad policies
  13. 13. The Housing Market-what drives it and why? What does this mean to the average person looking to buy a home?
  14. 14. What Does a Strong and Thriving Chinese Economy Mean to the Rest of the World-the pros and the cons
  15. 15. Greece and Russia-the bailout and lack of bailout. Why Russia was wiling to help, but now refuses to do so.
  16. 16. The Disappearing American Middle Class-where is it going and why
  17. 17. Why Free College for Everyone is a Bad Idea-discuss the issues with ensuring free college for everyone
  18. 18. Obama Care-how it hurt and helped the finances of the United States
  19. 19. Individual Debt and Its Impact on the Nation as a Whole-explore this trickle down
  20. 20. Is Going Green too Expensive-as a nation, can we afford to go green? If we cannot, what is the alternative options for being earth friendly?

As you can see, there are many innovative and exciting topics in the study of macroeconomics. You should explore the sector that most interests you, so that you are taking a personal interest in your topic. If none of these topics appeal to you, search for additional topics online or seek out your instructor for title ideas for your composition.

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