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10 Best Topics for a Biology Research Paper

Students who are majoring in natural sciences are likely to write a paper devoted to biology. This scientific discipline studies living organisms, including the questions of how they function, evolve, grow, and die. The study subject is vast, therefore students often cannot choose what exactly they want to develop. Besides, they need to keep in mind that biology research is booming, so scientists from all over the world add something new to the biological knowledge every day. The following 10 best example biology topics are selected in order to help students make the best choice.

  1. Basic topics: General topics are interesting for those students who are not sure about their specialization or just want to broaden their knowledge in the field. Study the subjects like plant cells construction, bacteria reproduction, or effects of different substances on the organisms.
  2. Ethics and biology: Ethical debates often take place when scientists conduct biological research. People’s perception of what scientists should do and what is inappropriate is one of the most interesting research topics.
  3. Human biology: The most intriguing part of the study is the way human body functions and the problems that may occur in different situations. The topics about vaccinations and birth control are always urgent, especially in developing countries.
  4. Human cloning: The field of genetics study human DNA and the ways it can be replicated. This topic can enclose many narrower research directions, such as the types of cloning, the first cloning experiments, DNA characteristics and structure, the current state of research in the field, etc.
  5. Hormones: The chemicals are carried through the human body by hormones. Several main kinds of hormones are vital for every individual. They significantly influence numerous functions of the body, including the functioning of the brain, and can become a great research subject.
  6. Immune system: Many organisms have something similar to the human immune system. Your research may be devoted to the specific functions of immune system, its agents, and autoimmune disease.
  7. Medical breakthroughs: Biological studies help medicine to develop new ways of treatment. Write a paper about the cell structure and cancer, viruses and AIDS, or surgery techniques and effective medical procedures.
  8. Biochemistry: Biology and chemistry scientists work together to solve complicated problems, such as characteristics of human metabolism and health, role of enzymes, the way plants restrain carbon, etc.
  9. Ecology: Ecology is the science about interactions among living organisms and their environment. Ecological crisis today is dangerous for all living creatures, so study the state of ozone layer, condition of freshwater ecosystems, or biological ways of sewage treatment.

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