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6 good argumentative topics for research papers psychology

Psychology is a fantastic subject full of wonder and controversy. Finding a good argumentative topic that suits your interests can be really fun and easy if you have an idea of what you want to write about. If you are stuck, however, I have come up with some really neat and original ideas that might help you start looking in the right direction. I have phrased the topics in the form of questions because, after all, argument essays are answering the question. All of these topics have valuable opinions on both sides.

  1. Is it “good” to medicate people with mental disorders? – The controversy in this comes from the idea that you can correct many imbalances in the brain through therapy versus the idea that mental imbalance is purely chemical and must be corrected through correcting the chemistry. Psychology versus Psychiatry in short.
  2. Does having a “Nanny” greatly affect child development? – Can someone else play the role of “mother” without hurting a child’s growth? What happens when that person leaves? Does it hinder the bond between parent and child?
  3. Should parents encourage “gender stereotypes”? – There has been a lot of media coverage over parents that raise their children in a more “gender neutral” manner. Is this helpful for the child or are gender stereotypes necessary in society?
  4. Does the internet, television and video games shorten your attention span? –Some evidence says that these modern technologies have “rewired” our minds to expect everything on demand and therefore caused us to have shorter attention spans. What do you think?
  5. What is the effect of language on how people think/act? – The way people say things in languages is not lonely different in how it sounds, but in what it means. In Japan, for instance, there is no way to say “Joe dropped the bowl,” the way it is said is that the “bowl dropped itself.” Does language change the way people act and think?
  6. Are men smarter than women? –This age old debate has always stirred up some controversy. It would not be an easy paper to write, but there is research on it, and it will get people talking. After all, that is what we are trying to do here right?
  7. If you don’t really find yourself having interest in any of these topics try coming up with some on your own. It may help to look on the internet until you start thinking of some on your own. Try not to get distracted while you’re doing it though. You can also try just plain old pen and paper brainstorming too if you like. Think about things you have gone over in class. Almost all of psychology has 2 sides to it. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What are you curious about? Pick something that you want to learn about because it will be the easiest to write about and the most interesting for you.

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