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8 Suggestions For Writing A Research Paper About Renewable Energy

During secondary school and when you go to a university, you’ll have to write many research papers across a wide variety of subjects. If you’re taking a class or course in current events, political science, economics, ecology, or many other diverse areas of the sciences and humanities, one of the most interesting subjects for crafting an interesting research paper is renewable energy. Due to both environmental and sociopolitical issues that arise as a result of global dependence on fossil fuels like oil and coal for energy, the last few decades have seen significant developments and improvements in developing alternative, renewable sources of clean energy. Power sources like solar cells, wind turbines, and geothermal power are less environmentally destructive than mining and burning fossil fuels, which offsets the earth’s natural carbon cycle and commonly causes significant air pollution. Here are eight suggestions that you can consider if you’re thinking of writing a research paper on the topic of renewable energy.

  1. Examining the historical development of alternative energy sources. Alternative energy sources have been in development for decades, although they have faced numerous pitfalls along the way. This history of alternative energy research and technological development can be a rich and fruitful area for finding interesting information with which to write your paper.

  2. Comparing the effectiveness of different forms of solar power. There are a number of different alternative energy sources currently in use as alternatives to fossil fuels, including solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, biofuels, nuclear energy, and hydrogen fuel. You could compare several of them in terms of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and feasibility for widespread adoption as a viable fossil fuel alternative.
  3. Recent developments in photovoltaics. Recent technological breakthroughs have dramatically increased the efficiency of solar cells, both for large arrays and for localized use on individual homes and businesses. These innovations can be a rich source of discussion.

  4. Analyzing the ecological impact of ethanol. Ethanol was recently hailed as a huge advancement in the move toward fossil fuel alternatives, but widespread farming of plants for ethanol causes a number of problems, from tropical deforestation to food shortages.

  5. Types of biofuels. There are many different types of biofuels, besides ethanol, which can be considered as ways to produce energy without burning fossil fuels.

  6. Ecological impacts of wind power on local species populations. There has been some controversy about wind turbines causing the accidental deaths of ecologically important species of bats and birds.
  7. The safety and potential of nuclear power plants. Due to disasters like Chernobyl, the public has become wary of the widespread use of nuclear power. However, it has many benefits and advantages that are worth discussing.

  8. Successful regionalized implementation of alternative energy. Many areas of the world are already using alternative energy sources with success. For example, Iceland uses a significant amount of geothermal power, made possible by their volcanically active landscape.

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